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>> put it in a package with ribbons and bows and senld itd washington. happy holidays and enjoy. >> that is more than 140e cra characters. facebook. oh. we got to run. here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> fox news alert. florida state attorney announcing he will not file charges against star quarterback for the number one team in college football right now. florida state. >> we have looked at the evidence and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case. steve, this just happened what do you know? >> gretchen, right now speculation going on about why this case took so song. these results coming at a key
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time for winston and the florida state program. voting on the heisman trophy ends this monday. he is a leading candidate and charges of rape would have bounced him off the team and made him ineligible for him. this decision coming at a key time and the timing of this right before the acc championship game right before the heisman had nothing to do with their timing he said they were tieing up lose ends and charges of sexual assault against their star player. charges from one year ago. finally coming out today. not really a ringing endorsement. saying they did not believe they had a reasonable chance of trying and convicting him. whose dna was found on the
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victim who claims he was drunk and raped. >> have we heard anything from the alleged victim's family? >> no mediate reaction but they have made complaints over the past year complaints that the police have lagged and failed. they say because winston is a star football player with a big football town. the family claims they were threatened that their life would be made miserable by charging a star football player with sexual assault. it dragged on until being turned over to the state attorney's office with a decision which will allow him to play in the acc championship game saturday. possibly florida state going on and a man who one day ago could be facing charges of rape looks to be headed for perhaps a
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national championship. >> we are getting news that the family will release a statement. the incident took place a full year ago. florida state had a lot riding on this. >> joining me now jim gray. what do you make of it? >> well, at least there is a conclusion to it. there is a conclusion to it. now winston is a free man and he can go on and pursue his career. the question is, there are always going to be questions. for the reasons that steve went through, because it is a football town and he's a football player. so it can work both ways. >> it is interesting, when you look at this case. you see that this incident
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happened back in 2012, the family of the woman claim that the police prematurely called the case in active. they went to get the dna ten months after the victim had identified him. do they have something here or we simply don't know. >> we don't know. apparently there were other people in the room. we heard him say that. the prosecuting attorney for the state. we are going to have to read the report. he didn't sexonerate him right there. and he said i'm going to let you decide. i guess we are going to read a lot more about this from a football point of view, will he win the heismann trophy? >> yes. it will be an issue. he is the best college football player and he is deserving and if you look at the polls that
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have been taken by the voters, it is monday. >> jim gray, thank you so much for your analysis. >> the obama administration now patting itself on the back for improvements to the health care website. it doesn't seem like that much but senate majority leader harry reid seems pleased. i'm not cocky but comfortable. i think we are in pretty good shape. so, susan, i don't know harry reid may be one of the few democrats right now who would use the word cocky to describe where the party is standing currently. your thoughts? >> there is a division. there are safer democrats who are willing to talk about the things that are going well. they have had a slight boost in enrollment. the website is working more smoothly and then you have the
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reality democrats, the ones who are getting the calls to their office about cancelled insurance policies. they are afraid of what is going to happen in 2014. if you look at the polls, there are democrats who might lose in 2014 because of this. joe mansion is having a town hall meeting today hearing complaints about uncertainty and their premiums are going up. ha harry reid is a former boxer and this is playing offense. it is saying things aren't as bad as they look folks. >> that is interesting. because he said today what the president said about being able to keep your health care plan that he was telling the truth. i want to bring you to the numbers. 29,000 people signing up after
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the glitches were fixed on the website sunday and monday. the administration said they wanted 7 million to sign up in march. they need more than this amount of numbers to be claiming high fives in a victory lap. they found to replace the more than five million people's whose plans have been cancelled, they would have to sign up 240,000 odd people every day bren detwe december 1st and december 23rd. to cover the people's whose plans had been cancelled. the administration is pushing the fact that the numbers are increasing. they may not reach that goal but they are pushing the fact that they are getting the meger number in october. they are not going to be able to
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replace the people that have lost their coverage. we are going to find out what is that going to mean for the law? how is that going to balance out for the message. >> and so much of this is pr? we heard the president say he is going to be talking publicly in a positive way about his health care law. some of the things that are getting glossed over are the continued problems. what about the back end of that. there is all of this discussion right now that the plans are not going to the insurance companies. what happens on january 1st? >> last month there was a hearing on capitol hill where we got to hear about those putting the law and the website together. the back end where we figure out how to pay insurers and
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communicate with doctors. you could find out that your doctor isn't covered by the plan that you signed up for. or your insurance company isn't going to be paid on time. these are big problems. this is a pr war. the white house is hoping to drown out the bad news we are hearing about the law with their version of the good news. and they have strike teams in place. thank you for your thoughts today. >> send us your thoughts on whether you think 7 million people will sign up for obama care by the spring. go to my facebook page and we'll read your comments by the end of the show. we are learning about a chemistry teacher in texas gunned down in benghazi. ronny smith married with one
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young son. all of this happening in the same city as the attack of the u.s. consulate last year. u.s. warned that the threat level is severe. smith is reportedly the last american there and was warned to leave. >> school bus driver calls the cops on a group of routy kids. >> and pastor rick warren helped millions of his congregation lose thousands of pounds. >> and our legal panel weighs in on whether he has a shot. our political panel that is. ♪ make me one for my baby and one more for the road ♪
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remember that stolen truck carrying radioactive material in mexico? it has been found. the shipment of cobalt 60 had been opened. who ever handled it could become fataly ill. the original driver was supposed to take it to a nuclear waste dump. >> president obama needs all the help he can get. >> if you have a radio show spread the word on air, if you are a bartender. >> so he is asking bartenders now. guess what, we went out to quiz a few bartenders.
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>> absolutely. i think it would be a great thing to do. and as you all probably know, a lot of bartenders don't have health insurance we would be helping each other out. >> it is not something i would go to. but, it is great. >> bars are loud, aren't they? >> so who does go to happy hour and talk about health insurance. mark larson and bernard whitman, welcome to you both. he was saying that you should be talking about it on your show. let me get back to him on that with all due respect. >> what do you make of the bartender plea and doing it over happy hour. >> we have come a long way from jfk asking ask not what your
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country can do for you to go out and get a drink. >> the aca does cover red wine. but i think it was an amusing idea of the president. people do sit around and talk about issues and problems and challenges around the table and at bars. and i think that a lot of people are scared that they don't have health insurance and i think the fact is, these conversations about what to do actually do take place in these venue. >> come on. i guarantee you, i agree with the last point but when they were coming up with this whole health care law, the last thing on their minds was hey, let's pitch bartending down the road. >> i'm encouraged, i think every generation assumes that the next
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whipper snapper assumes that the next one is not going to get it. i wonder if they are going to wake up or if they have been in the hot tub with the one too long. so, but now, the scales are falling and they are starting to be able to see what is happening here. >> the polls have agreed with you on that point. in the meantime democrats have put together a strike team now. this strike team is made up, they are supposed to go out and strike the public and let them know the positive stories. >> the strike team should have been forms years ago. it has not been explained to the american people. poll after poll show that the people like the benefits of the law. people are going to get
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subsidies to buy. you are still using that talking point? people are feeling the effects right now. the benefits that are the most popular are the least well-known. we have heard the boxed roll out and we have to turn the tide and it is about time that the democrats are doing that. >> people are going to figure out what is in it? >> it is all about the messaging. we have had the insurance companies. turn the whole thing over to amazon. maybe they can run the website. this idea that somehow you need to get more messaging. the obamas have been on every channel. the idea that there has to be three more weeks, i want my christmas story back. >> i'm going to leave it there.
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i appreciate you having a good sense of humor today. mark, bernard, heavy christmas and happy holidays. >> fer rill pigs, the solution could be an attack of drones and pork is on the menu. two police officers suspended for cursing at a bus full of routy kids. who was right and who was wrong? >> and did the funissment fit? tweet me. and e-mail us as well at the real story at fox
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welcome back everyone. heavy snow has ended across the rockies. but a cold air mass spells trouble. ice storm warnings are in effect for north eastern texas and portions of arkansas and western tennessee. ice accumulations over half an inch and freezing rain will make roads dangerous. this is a story you may not know about. f ferrel pigs causing a big problem. enter louisiana hog control. extermination company using drones to bring home the bacon. >> i'm assuming that jen williams wrote that. trace, what is this story?
11:24 am
this is just a couple of guys who love doing this and they are hoping to make a dent in the r ferrel pig population and they normally go out at night and use a camera which covers thousands of acres of farmlands and then it sends the images back to them on a computer live. once they get those images back, the hunt is on. sometimes we'll land the airplane and we'll get them. sometimes i'll be in radio communications with the guy on the ground. believe it or not, you can get within yards of those animals and you still can't see them. i had three guys trip over them this year. >> and they are dangerous
11:25 am
because they you get near those things. legally because of faa guidelines, they can't charge people for flying them around they kill them for tips. they have killed rough areall a 300. for now they are waiting for the faa to losie inn up. >> if the faa let go of me right now i could break even. i could charge for more than pig hunting. crop surveys, do iing aerial photographs.
11:26 am
these drones, these two guys are the next duck dynasty. they are great on camera and are well spoken and are having great fun with something that is fascinating to people. >> michelle did it. we have great writers. a world famous tv chef makes a shocking confession. about what nigella lawson admits. and our panel is here to weigh in on a troubling case. was he sleepily or something else. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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white house briefing is happening. jay carney taking a question about a report that surfaced that said that president obama actually lived with that uncle of his in boston. previously he said that he never met that person. here he is. >> handled appropriately. >> health care, senator harry
11:31 am
reid gave an interview back in las vegas and defended the president saying if you like your plan you can keep it. saying that policies change et cetera and harry reid said quote, i still go back and say what the president said was true. if you want to keep the insurance that you have, you can keep it. do you agree with senator read that is true? you can keep it? >> ed, i think the president has addressed this in detail. not just in answering questions, but also in making policy change to address the problem that has arisen because of cancellation. i think he acknowledged that this needed to be addressed. >> this is what the president came here and said that he was fixed it for a year. he extended the policy.
11:32 am
they would be extended beyond than where they could be extended in the past. >> ed henry, that is something we just talked about on this she was harry reid coming out and saying what the president said was true. jay hcarney getting pummeled ona regular basis. jamus winston, at the top of the show, prosecutors saying that he will not be charged. he was under the investigation of the alleged rape of a female student last year. >> we have carely examined of all of the evidence in this case and we are getting new insight into the costs of the obama at
11:33 am
ma main strition's. shannon, how much is this going to cost? who is footing this bill. let's start by looking at some of the top federal agency. environmental regulation tagged at $379 billion. after that, the department of health and human services. they are implementing most of the obama care services. department of labor comes in at $125 billion. most of that cost is going to be born by private industry. that trickles down to you and me the consumers. the author that puts that price tag points out that was actually the number for the entire federal budget. >> what is the agency that is creating these regulations?
11:34 am
>> this is something that is upsetting folks when they look at how far they reached. >> congress passed 127 laws but there were more than 3700 regulations that went out. the fact is that it is law making by a non elected body. here is wayne cruz from the competitive enterprise institute. >> the agency is issuing rules but they are not accountable to voters. you have the law and there is a great argument this nation needs to have about much of the law making that takes place in the country. if you are a regular scitizen ad can show you are harmed by this, they are facing several lawsuits and some will be argued by the
11:35 am
supreme court. >> thank you so much. new developments raising questions about who should be held responsible for the deadly train derailment in new york city. operator was suspended without pay for reportedly nodding off. train was equipped with alert system but it was on the other end of the train. we are joined by our legal eagle panel. could it be now that the onus is going to be on the mta, the train company? >> we have causing -- don't break out the latin words on me. >> thanks d s dug. >> it is how you hold the company responsible for the conduct of the employee.
11:36 am
if they are outside the scope of the employment then you can't hold them responsible. >> i'm a bus driver and i park the bus and i go off to buy donuts and something happens. >> this man allegedly fell asleep and there were other factors that point to the mta as well. you mention them being on one side and not the other. if they knew that they needed the alerter system. then they don't put it in one side or the other when the train goes back and forth like this. here is my question for you, keith, which is could this engineer, be building some sort of a defense here? could he be prosecuted? could he say look, i fell asleep. could that change a charge
11:37 am
against him? >> voluntary manslaughter. what was he doing in the hours and the days leading into that work shift. but if he was sleep deprived he has cultupability here. the mta installed the safety measures and opted not to install it in both ends of the train. >> and they kept a 90 degree turn as well. >> two police officers are in hot water. apparently the kids were getting rowdy. and the driver pulled over and called police. listen to how the officers decided to handle it.
11:38 am
>> look at me like a man. [ bleep ] she has no tolerance for this. she expects more from a clean clean year old. >> they have been suspended and they are in trouble. >> i understand the driver pulling over. >> i understand they were unruly on the bus. i understand her calling the cops. but then she swore as well. and then the cops swearing at the kids, wrong. >> gretchen give those officers a medal. we need more of them out there. we covered a story where people were killed because an operator of a train were distracted. we have kids in danger. such that she had to pull over
11:39 am
and threaten to call the cops. >> look at the kids. >> i don't know how teachers do it. >> ten seconds. >> perfectly acceptable to come in and talk to them but you can't curse at them. >> got to go. manhattan residents report an erie almost haunting noise has been heard from guess where. listen to this? [ strange sound ] >> that is not a siren. so what is it? we are going to talk to pastor rick warren as well? he helped his followers drop 250,000 pounds. back with both of those stories. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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welcome back everyone. the daniel plan is a new book is
11:43 am
combines faith and is written bypass toby pastor rick warren. he lost 65 pounds. but earlier this year his son matthew took his own life and pastor warren had a setback, gaining some of those pounds. and the three of you have come up with the daniel plan. before we get started, my heart felt sympathies to you. >> thank you so the people who have watched on television and sent prayers and thoughts. i'm grateful for that. i imagine putting together a book which takes time is a way to he'al. the book is using the five f's.
11:44 am
>> the last stage of grief is taking your pain and helping somebody else. >> most books deal with food and exercise. foods and fitness we are saying that you have to have faith and friends and know cus. the secret sauce. >> they are the experts at it. you are a psychiatrist. you focused on focus? >> there are 140 studies now. as your weight goes up the physical size and function of your brain goes down. which would scare the fat off of everyone. we do brain imaging. it is clear. if you are not physically healthy the health of your brain is not good and you make bad decisions. >> you are a family physician and you see it every day as well
11:45 am
how obesity has taken over our culture. one in two americans are die bet continue and thdiabetic. we created the daniel plan and it is a plan to get healthy together. that is the people who did the program together lost twice as much weight as those that did it alone. it was a plan to get people healthy. >> daniel of course from the bible refused the eat the rich foods at the king's table. >> something we are talking about is obama care and it could be a winner with many religious groups but it is losing support because of the contraception part. >> we catholics who are among the pros when it comes to
11:46 am
providing health care do it because of our conviction and now we are being asked to violate some of those. i think he went onto say catholics would want to support became obama care. >> they know the church invented the hospital. most people don't know that. it was invented by the christian church. the real issue is ask not what your government can do for your health, ask what you can do for your own health. the government is not going to make me healthy, i can make those healthy choices. >> have you felt yourself affected by obama care as all? >> it is not sufficient to solve
11:47 am
our problems. they have to be exchanged in communities where they live. that is why the plan is the answer to our crisis. >> it is 40 day to a healthier life. in case you want to hold off. you can do the 40 days before january 1st. >> but why would you wait? >> great to see all of you. >> coming up. the sound that is turning heads at the freedom tower in new york city. listen to this. [ strange sound ] >> does anyone know what that is? don't miss our report after this.
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welcome back. right now a new mystery surround one world trade center. for about a year new yorkers have reported hearing an eerie sound coming from the newly constructed billing. they call it haunting, and it's got a lot of people talking. rick joins us now. you did some investigative work. what did you learn? >> reporter: there's clearly a noise. not clear where it's coming from. it's been dubbed the wailing world trade center. it is called eerie, haunting, moaning. the whistling was first reported by the tribeca citizen on a day after thanksgiving, a mon said he first heard the sound during hurricane sandy last year, and assumed it would be eliminate when the framework was funded.
11:52 am
last week the neighbors say the trueman began whistling again with a two--toned cry, calling it unmistakable and chilling. so here it is. you judge for yourself. >> that was from last week. now last year. you can see a employs car with the lights on but the noise is not a police siren. pretty cool. right? >> it's very eerie. people are thinking about all the lives lost there, the more than 3,000 people. is there any connection there? i mean, what are we supposed to make out of that?
11:53 am
>> we reached out for the port authority, and they tell me they're aware of the sound. the construction workers heard it, too. but there's no confirmation the sound is coming from the tower itself. there are numerous building on the site. you can see some there. a transportation hub, most of the buildings still under construction sparks lot of equipment down there, and there are open windows in some buildings, including one world trade. any of this could be helping to create a wind tunnel effect. the whistle is only heard on windy days a spokesman says as construction nears completion, the sound will goway. it's clearly a sound and only happens when it's windy and appears to be coming from one colored trade. >> so eerie and haunting. thank you for doing that property for us. the white house press briefing just wrapped. jay carney answering questions about the revelations that president obama had briefly lived with an uncle while in law school, despite previous claims he had no record of the two ever
11:54 am
meeting. ed henry, fresh from the briefing room. all right, ed, so this report came out right before you went into the briefing room. you asked the question. what's the reasoning for it? >> well, gretchen, we're trying to figure it out. jay carney says they made a mistake inside the white house about the nature of this relationship with the uncle, back in 2011, so they decided they wanted to clear it. why it's relevant now is it uncle was in immigration court this week, threatened with deportation to kenya. he is now staying here, though, we're told. gotten asylum and is staying here. the question was, back in 2011, "the boston globe," when this came about as a case, asked the white house about the nature of the relation. the white house said there was no record of them two meeting. now they're saying, since details came out, they lived together briefly when the president was in massachusetts
11:55 am
for law school, at harvard, university. they lived together for about three weeks at that time. many years ago. here's jay carney. >> what i can tell you, ed -- thank you for the question -- is that back when this arose, folks looked at the record, including the president's book, and there was no evidence they had met. there was -- and that was what was conveyed. nobody spoke to the president. when omar obama said the other day, and there were reports he said the other day, that president obama, back when he was law school student, stayed with him in kim bridge. i thought it was right to ask him, and the president said he in fact had met omar obama when he moved to cambridge for law school and he stayed with him for a brief period of time until the president's apartment was ready. >> so bottom line is, jay carney saying that back in 2011, when they first got the question, they told "the boston globe" the
11:56 am
two had never met because they failed to ask the president directly. they say these details came it in court, they cleared it up, asked the president directly. for the record, they're also saying that the president played no role in his immigration case at all. >> it's very interesting, and yet another question jay carpey didn't want to get but you asked it, ed. thank you so much. >> a very rare delivery. triplets born in california. why they're so special, next. ppó
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
welcome back. get ready to meet three little girls who share something unique. they're identical triplets born ten days ago in california. their rare because multiples don't run in their family, and mom and dad didn't use fertility drugs, and the doctor says it's already looking ahead. >> going to considering, going to graduate from high school, bring home bad boys. >> well, the gang expected to go
12:00 pm
home in a few weeks. >> tonight i'm joining bill o'reilly on "mad as hell." at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll answer e-mails. thank you for being here. now it's time to go over to shep. >> some bad luck have toes could be dead within days after they took aim at the wrong target. ahead, the hunt for the radioactive criminals. >> plus, hackers hit some of the world's most popular web sites, facebook, google, twitter, and there's word they've stolen millions of our passwords and user names. plus, did russian diplomats steal your tax dollars? by scamming the system to get medicaid benefits? there are brand new charges out today, and what until you hear what they're accused of buying with their own money while claiming to be broke. let's get to it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours. we're expecting

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